Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Facts and stats...

Whereas, your non-white victims come from single parent homes. Some live in poverty and have struggled throughout life. Some were even known prostitutes and drug users. Not your typical “damsel in distress” in need of rescue, if you will.

Now some may say the disparity in coverage can be explained in terms of numbers? When you stop and think about it, White Americans make up the majority in society. The latest stats show whites account for 70% of the population, compared to blacks and Hispanics combined, make up around 28% of the population. And not only that, white women have the highest reported numbers compared to non-whites of missing persons. But should that matter when it comes to coverage? No, a missing person white, black or Hispanic is still a missing person. And every effort/advantage available should be given.

However others say, it’s not a conscious decision to give more coverage to one story. They believe the “mwws” formula works. News organizations simply say their coverage has nothing to do with numbers, race or wealth. They say competition from another news outlet and unusual or extraordinary circumstances are some of the determining factors. Not to mention the persistence of the family helps.

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